Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

7:54 AM, Thursday June 11th 2020

Drawabox Lesson 1 (take 2, done in ink this time) - Koro - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/hF73K1M.jpg

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So this would be take 2 on Lesson 1. Ive done this for mostly 1 reason: to get the feel of the pen that i am using from lesson 3 onwards, because i didnt quite feel "ready" for it, from the transition of pencil. Though, i can safely say i enjoy drawing with it now, and these were done mostly as practice. Thats about it really, i've also finished a second 250 box challenge in ink but i have more lines to draw on each box and there's a ton of pictures to take ahah. Stay tuned~

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4:08 PM, Saturday June 13th 2020

Congrats KOROSAL on your oonstance to going through the lessons for the second time. Here's my in depth critique on your work

SUPERIMPOSED LINES I see a little bit of fraying on both ends, take more time to reposition the pen on the paper. Wobble in the expect range. Execution is ok

GHOSTED LINES Sometimes you miss the starting point too. This goes back to the repositioning problem

GHOSTED PLANES Accuracy improving. Good job overall

TABLE OF ELLIPSES Very confident. Nice shape. Now you need to aim for a better accuracy because they are a bit floating in the table

ELLIPSES IN PLANES You had more trouble with this one. You are not hitting the points quite often and the ellipses are less coherently passing over themselves on successive runs

FUNNELS Ellipses are definitely something you need to work on. I suggest adding the ellipses in planes exercise to your warmup consistently. Funnels sometimes too.

PLOTTED PERSPECTIVE There is little line weight added but good execution

ROUGH PERSPECTIVE Very good. Shows that you are getting very good at boxes

ROTATED BOXES Exercise very well understood. Bravo

ORGANIC PERSPECTIVE Some boxes are a bit distorted and some in the back are a bit too foreshortned. Good enough anyway

Next Steps:

Next step, you already know it, 250 boxes

If you are not doing them already, I suggest warmup, the faq under this one https://drawabox.com/faq/grinding (there is no link to it)

Also the site needs more reviewers. If you could spare some time to do some, that'll be great: you can either follow this templare or this one

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8:13 PM, Monday June 22nd 2020

Thank you for the feedback, i have been adding ellipses and some more ghosting to my practice, and its going well so far.

As for the 250 box challenge, here you go https://drawabox.com/community/submission/6I65J5AF

Definitely have been looking into helping others, im a bit more comfortable on discord than here but ill slowly make the transition, thank you for the suggestion o>

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