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7:12 PM, Sunday May 14th 2023


It seems the link you provided is not for the 250 box challenge. Could you fix this ?

Next Steps:

Provide correct link to 250 box challenge homework.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
5:32 PM, Monday May 15th 2023

Sorry, I thought I posted the right one but here the right one.


7:27 PM, Monday May 15th 2023


Thank you for adding the correct link.

I took a quick look on your work. It takes dedication to draw the 250 box and I can see some progress between the first pages and the last ones. Your marks are better on the latests pages.

Though, extending the lines should be done with a ruler, as mentioned in the challenge instructions. It is very hard to check the convergences and consequently to spot any mistakes on your estimations.

Here is the direct link:


I can see your lesson 1 has not be marked as complete yet. It’s better to follow the lessons in indicated orders, as the goals are to develop spatial reasoning. Lesson 1 is necessary to build this on strong basis. You can also ask for partial feedbacks on the discord server. Link is in Draw a box homepage.

I don’t have enough mileage to request revisions, but I’d suggest to go back through the lesson materials and ask for feedbacks and critique of lesson 1, and be sure you have a go on lesson 1 before starting further lesson/challenge.

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