Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

7:42 PM, Tuesday February 4th 2020

Draw a box L.1 - Album on Imgur

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all Lesson 1 homeworks, any feedback will be very appriciated

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4:30 AM, Wednesday February 5th 2020

Yo! Grats on clearing lesson 1! As a general note, when we apply line weight in DAB, in general, it refers to ghosting and executing a single superimposed line over your initial line. Don't go over it multiple times. This refers to your rotated boxes and organic perspective.

  • Alright, starting with your lines. You seemed to have started off with some issues in line confidence, but you've gained confidence over the exercises, so that's great!

Superimposed lines: You've some confidence issues in some of your lines, especially the curves. Again, the confidence seemed to have built up over the exercise, keep it up!

Ghosted lines: You seem to have a great deal of wobbling. You've mostly fixed this by the time you've gotten to ghosted planes, but I still think its worth bringing up. Remember that in DAB, we always prioritise confidence over accuracy, so as such, even if you'd miss the mark when making the line, treat your planning as though it were correct, and move on.

Ghosted planes: As I said, your wobbling issue is mostly fixed here, so good job! Though you now seem to have introduced arcing in your work. Remember to arc consciously in the opposite direction as you draw to counteract this effect.

  • Ellipses: Most of them are done pretty well. I think that you can try to make some ellipses less "sharp", though. Accuracy isn't perfect, but you'll get there eventually. Overall, its pretty good though!

Table of ellipses: Generally decent. I do think that you can try to vary the degree of rotation a little more though. (Most of your work is either very little rotation, or not too much). Mix it up for your warmups in the future. Also, your quality of ellipses have improved over the exercise, so good job there! You've also posted the same image twice :p

Ellipses in planes: Honestly, I've not too much to say here, you've done a good job!

Funnels: I sincerely hope you're not grinding, since you've done 2 pages here instead of one. Regardless, I think you've sacrificed ellipse quality in a bid to fit them into the funnels. Try to always ensure that the confident ellipse comes first. In addition, I see some eggs in your work, try to avoid that. In the future, see if you can use a rounded object to make the funnels, too. Most of your ellipses are aligned to the minor axis though, so good job there!

  • Boxes: I think that you've sacrificed some line quality in favour of drawing accurate lines. Remember not to do that. Always prioritise confidence, as I mentioned earlier.

Plotted perspective: I think you've got the idea down well, good job! You might want to implement hatching in the future.

Rough perspective: Aside from the line quality thing I mentioned earlier, I really don't have too much to say. You've grasped the concept on this one well.

Rotated boxes: Excellent work. But do remember that the bottom face of the boxes should also rotate, as with the top face. As such, you shouldn't see the bottom faces "rise up" in terms of its location. Instead, it should seem to neatly wrap itself around the shape of a sphere. Yea and don't cancel lines.

Organic perspective: I think you've managed to push the idea of big=close really well, so good job there! Box construction isn't perfect, but you'll get to know that soon. Aside from that, I think its done pretty well. Again, don't cancel lines.

Overall, this is a pretty nice submission. Good job on clearing lesson 1. Remember to work on your warmups, and good luck on your 250 boxes!

Next Steps:

Get your 250 boxes done. Keep up the good work!

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5:31 PM, Friday February 7th 2020

Thank you!

I didn´t expect such a detailed analysis. It´s really helpfull.

Btw, when I drew 2 pages of funnels it was just because I´m stupid and I was paying too much attention to how should I draw them, indtead of how many. :D

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