Hi Syderus,

I've checked you submission,

Wanna start out by saying this, I think you could've done a little more. Don't get me wrong, You did the exercises and I see that you put the effort, I'm not taking that from you. What I'm saying is that you could've taken so much more advantage from this lesson. I do understand you in some way though, most of this exercises are hard, but when I'm about to do the less amount to just pass, I think about all I could learn if I just do a little more. Plus, this course is free, the only thing stopping us from just juicing out all the knowledge it presents, is ourselves. Take this into account when going on with this course and

make the most out of it!

Now, into the actual review:

First of all, your organic arrows. The arrows itself look good to me, I do see that you shade the wrong part here and there, but they are good overall. However, I see that the lines in some of them are lacking confidence. This is normal, organic lines are harder than what they look like, though remember to prioritize confidence over accuracy when dong any kind of line, accuracy gets better with time and practice!

Your organic forms in itself are also looking good, the problem that calls more my attention comes from your ellipses. Apply the same principle of Confidence>Accuracy that I just talked about with them. Strive to make them in one confident pass (going through them only twice) and remember that if they don't look tight at the beginning, it's okay!

Now, your texture overall are good, the only problem that I see is that in some cases you are describing the textures without cast shadows. I always recommend people to go back to see the implicit vs explicit video on this lesson, it really explains how you are not supposed to describe everything you see in the texture, but make as you describe it, and let the viewer fool itself. Check the video out again and remember to use cast shadows!

Your form intersections suffer from the lines. The intersections are great on their own, the problem it's how you managed line weight. Remember, it's supposed to be subtle, and also take your time when doing it.

I'm gonna mark this lesson as completed! Keep it up.