how much time does it take to actually start drawing basic lines and shapes correctly, how can i know?

7:59 AM, Wednesday October 6th 2021

hey guys,

so, i wanna know from you guys who have already practiced basic skills and are now on higher levels that how much time will it take to master my skills to the level where i can make my desirable mark on paper, like how can i judge if im doing it right?

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1:46 PM, Wednesday October 6th 2021

It's not helpful to think in terms of how long will it take. Everything about it can be so varied and arbitrary. What you need to do is trust the process and be happy when you have one of those moments where you notice there has been a significant positive change in your ability. These may happen after a few days, a month or two or even a year of diligent practice.

As far as doing it right, the best way is to go the official critique route. You probably can tell if some things are right by yourself but nothing beats feedback from an expert.

12:57 PM, Thursday October 7th 2021

okk, so im a beginner, so, according to you what is better official paid critique or official unpaid one??

i was thinking of doing that.

3:35 PM, Thursday October 7th 2021

There are two feedback routes :

Community critique : No cost but feedback is from fellow students.

Official critique : Paid for. First couple of levels are examined by mentors who have completed Drawabox. Levels above that are examined by Uncomfortable who put the course together.

If you can afford it, IMO, official critique is much more helpful and will be done in a timely fashion. It will make sure you are getting the right advice at the right time.

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4:34 AM, Thursday October 7th 2021

Start scribbling when you got a pencil, a paper and some free seconds in your hand. Make sure your scribbles are getting the way you want (better and better) everytime you...scribble.

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7:06 PM, Monday November 1st 2021

I'm a complete beginner like you. Check my profile to see my progression through this year. I improved a lot in the first couple of months but now the improvements are little by little. I think it could take a year of constant practice to improve to a decent level on the basics but every person is an entire case of study of its own.

The best way to check how are you doing, is to compare to your past-self. Save some drawings and redraw them months/years later. Compare how you approach different skills like texture observation, structure composition, stroke smoothness or precision, and so on.

Receiving feedback from others can get you a grasp of your current level but you are the best judge of yourself.

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