Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

1:18 AM, Sunday September 19th 2021

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I screwed up the rotated boxes.

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7:38 AM, Sunday September 19th 2021

Hey there! Congrats on completing Lesson 1! I'm Ennui, and I'm here to give you feedback today!

Let's take it section by section!


Good going on the lines here! Your Superimposed Lines exercise shows minimal fraying on one side, which is good! Your lines are also confident and follow a good trajectory. I do see arching and wobble though, but that's normal for a beginner and with the superimposed lines. All in all, good job!

You did the Ghosted Lines well too! I did see arching and in some sections, trailing off of the line. Would it be right for me to assume that you lack more confidence in your lines? I'm also seeing significant undershooting, which is less preferable to overshooting. These aren't big problems though, and will get better the more you use your whole arm. There are a few things you could do to improve the steadiness of your lines; ghost 3-5 times (not more, not less) and increase your speed. I've also heard that focusing on the end point while executing the line helps accuracy (it did for me). Still, good effort!

Your Ghosted Planes came out quite well! I see minimal wobble (only in some places). I did notice that in some areas, you drew over it to correct a mistake. It's recommended not to do this. Commit to your line, even if its off from the end point. This is because drawing over a mistake doesn't hide it, in fact, it highlights and brings attention to it, rather than ignoring it and going ahead. Still, your planes are mostly steady and are bisected well. Good job!


Ellipses are certainly a tough one! However, you did them quite well! Your Tables of Ellipses shows a good attempt at keeping a steady trajectory and drawing through them fully twice! You've also been able to adhere to the boundaries well. Great job!

Great attempt on the Ellipses in Planes! Your ellipses are majorly consistent and fit with the boundaries well. Anything else can be developed with consistent practice!

Good attempt on the Funnels as well! You've managed to adhere to the funnel and the minor axis quite well, and your ellipses continue to be consistent. Next time you try the exercise for warmups, do consider tackling adjusting the degree of the ellipses too! Good job!


Great work on the Plotted Perspective! Lines are clean and you did the exercise well.

Regarding Rough Perspective, I can emphatize with feeling the lines get worse when ghosting. Heck I thought the same! However, I can attest to the fact that when you attempt the 250 Box Challenge, it will be able to codify why ghosting is the primary method of markmaking in this course. In that vein, I still recommend sticking to ghosting, even if you feel your lines get less accurate. Also, accuracy in this exercise will develop with time, what is important right now is that you've done a good job and completed it. That is what matters, and that deserves a pat on the back!

Rotated Boxes is freaking tough, I understand! I myself ended up doing it twice because I didn't understand it the first time around (do not do this, I was bonked). But the exercise is not meant to be perfect, in fact it is meant to be difficult as hell (primarily to humble us and show us why we need the 250 box challenge xD). What matters is that you finished it. One area I notice that may have troubled you is that you didn't keep the corners close, and that might have given you trouble. Don't worry about that for now, though! Good job on finishing the boxes!

Your Organic Perspective came out quite well! Boxes adhere to the guideline well and are rotated too! Good job on varying the box sizes to show a sense of perspective! All in all, great work!

Final Critique:

You have done really well, so pat yourself on the back for getting through this. Throughout your attempts, I noticed that your lines got steadier and more confident, which is amazing progress and what the course attempts to imbibe in you! I do recommend that for all further exercises you stick to ghosting, even if you feel you'll be more inaccurate. I believe you will benefit tremendously from the 250 Box Challenge, and that will be your next task.

Great work, and congratulations once again on finishing lesson 1. Remember to choose two or three of these exercises to do for 10-15 minutes as warmups before you begin drawing! I wish you luck in your art journey, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me!

Next Steps:

Tackle the 250 Box Challenge!

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8:26 PM, Monday September 20th 2021

Thanks a lot for the feedback, Ennuiwolf.

The undershooting has been a pretty consistent problem for me. I think your advice is spot-on: I'm drawing lines at a slower speed than I am capable of right now.

I did not know there was a recommended amount of times to ghost or else forgot! 3-5 times: I'll be doing that going forward.

As for drawing over lines... it's never a good idea. It got particularly bad in the rotated boxes exercise: there may have been more redrawn lines than original ones. I'll exercise my willpower to prevent myself from redrawing a foregone line in the future.

Your review was very helpful and well-thought-out. It also comforted me quite a bit as I was halfway sure I had done the lesson poorly.

4:50 AM, Tuesday September 21st 2021

I feel that a lot! When I submitted my lesson 1, I was 100% certain that I would be asked to revise some of the exercises xD I was surprised when I was told to go ahead to the next stage. I suppose we often hold ourselves to extremely high standards and struggle to see the improvement in our own work. But that's why we have a stranger be an unbiased set of eyes to look at our work! Good luck on your journey!

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