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3:52 PM, Sunday August 29th 2021
edited at 3:53 PM, Aug 29th 2021

The video is one part of a paid for course. The point was to show that he starts with a rough drawing, reduces opacity, and then refines it on another layer. This can be repeated several times.

If I was starting doing my version of the reference I would start with the big shapes. Possible one circle for the head and one rectangle for the body. I would make sure these looked right in relation to each other. I would then add shapes for arms and hair etc.

Once this seemed right I would erase back and start drawing it more solidly using the reference.

The point being that it is better to start simple and build up rather than with final lines. Whether you want to do an exact copy or your interpretation is then up to you.

edited at 3:53 PM, Aug 29th 2021
9:17 PM, Sunday August 29th 2021

if its not too much trouble do you mind doing an example of this process so i can see it better? or if theres any more videos or resources i can take a look at to get a better picture of what im suppose to do? sorry for the trouble!

10:17 PM, Sunday August 29th 2021

Think you need to your own research from here.

7:58 PM, Monday August 30th 2021

ok sure i'll do that! thanks again for all the help :D

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