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6:15 AM, Saturday July 11th 2020

Great work! I don't have much to say. You could've drawn bigger boxes on the rotate boxes exercise, but it still looks good.

11:31 AM, Saturday July 11th 2020

Thanks for your reply! I'll do that next time I work on that exercise!

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4:42 PM, Saturday July 11th 2020

For the super imposed lines, ghosted lines, and ghosted planes, you're on a roll! For the super imposed lines, maybe try longer lines, they are harder but also lets you feel the movement from the shoulder more.

You also did well on the tables of ellipses, ellipses in planes, funnels, and plotted perspective and rotated boxes.

rotated Boxes.

For the organic perspective, try foreshortening more, it give a illusion that some boxes are near and some far. Exaggerate how big the nearest box it. Something that would help is to see the example that uncomfortable gives and see how he does the foreshortening. Also, try overlapping some boxes, it also helps with the illusion. I personally think its fun to overlap.

Next Steps:

You can now move onto the 250 box challlenge!

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3:57 AM, Sunday July 12th 2020

Thank you so much for your critique! I struggled a lot with the organic perspective exercise, so I will make sure to look more closely at uncomfortable's example, I will also take note of foreshortening! I appreciate you taking the time to help me!

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