250 Box Challenge

9:21 PM, Friday April 1st 2022

250 box challenge - Album on Imgur

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Here it is! my submission for the 250 box challenge, 21 days and 40-something pages later.

I apologize for the smudges, the only coloured pens I had were gel, and they made a bit of a mess and stuck to my ruler, which made a bigger mess.

At about 220 my boxes made a sharp decline in quality, as thats when I came back from the week long break of the prompt marathon, and boy was I rusty.

I'm not sure how to feel, there are some AWFUL boxes in here, but in the end I think I learned a lot and altogether improved, and if not that, I at least got 250 bad boxes out of my system.

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1:07 PM, Wednesday May 11th 2022


I will do my best to correct your 250 box challenge.


  • Your lines look stable and with no distinguishable errors in them.

I see that you have applied line weight and shading.

Both well drawn and applied in place.

However, you will want to avoid applying line hatching on the back side of your boxes, as it can confuse the eye.

I like that no line looks rushed drawn.

Box construction:

  • It is quite helpful if you have drawn your boxes in various orientations, so you won't be surprised when you are asked to draw them in various positions in later lessons.

  • You'll notice that in many of your boxes the lines converge in pairs.

As in this image:


This is a mistake to avoid.

It usually helps to think of the relationship of each line as a set to its vanishing point.

Shown here: https://imgur.com/8PqQLE0

As you will see, the inner pair of lines will have a somewhat similar orientation, while the outer pair will vary more depending on the position of the vanishing point.

If the vanishing point is far away, the lines will be more parallel; and if it is close, the lines will converge faster due to their foreshortening.

  • Sometimes the lines of your boxes diverge.

This is a common mistake when drawing shallow foreshortened boxes.

This error decreased as you drew more boxes, so I highlight it slightly.


Over all; you see a big improvement overall in your latest boxes.

I'll leave you a bit of homework; just complete it when you get the chance, no rush :')

Try to improve on the things mentioned in this review.

Next Steps:


  • 10 more boxes.

*Try to think more about the relationship of the line sets to their vanishing point.

*Avoid applying line hatching to the back side of your boxes.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
8:52 PM, Thursday June 9th 2022


thanks for taking your time to critique my work!

I apologize for the late response as I just finished moving across Canada to live on a remote mountain like a hermit, and only just got internet access.

I'll get on that homework!

2:02 AM, Saturday June 11th 2022

I hope the move went well!

Don't worry about the delivery date.

Just do the task when you are unoccupied and calm.

I'll be checking back when it's time!

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