To start, your form intersections are very well done. Your use of line weight goes a long way to clarify how the different forms overlap, and they feel very solid and consistent amongst one another. Your intersections are also generally very well done. There are a few places where the curves of your intersection lines are a little shallower than they ought to be, but they're not nearly as frequent as the ones that are done well.

Moving onto your object constructions, you've largely done a pretty good job, and demonstrated a fair bit of growth over the course of the entire lesson. I think it's very clear that you started to increase in your overall confidence and boldness in terms of your subject matter, and after a few simple constructions, you definitely started jumping on some particularly challenging ones - and doing them quite well.

There are a few issues I want to call out however:

  • Not sure what happened along the silhouette of your computer mouse, but that thick dark outline is a big no-no. It makes the drawing as a whole feel very flat. I assume you made a mistake and attempted to cover it up, and it shows just why we discourage students from trying to hide or correct their mistakes. Don't let a mistake control where you add your line weight.

  • Also for the mouse, it looks like your estimated height for the box didn't end up matching the profile of your proportion study. Not a huge issue - these things happen - but definitely something to be aware of. Kudos to you for sticking to it even though you ended up with a much shorter box though.

  • I noticed in a lot of your drawings, you start venturing into putting down a lot of bold cast shadows and such. That's great, but you do have a tendency to do it in more half-measures. If you decide you're going to get into cast shadows instead of just basic line weight stuff, make sure you're thinking about the shadows every little form will cast. Having some forms cast shadows but not others will put your drawing in a bit of uncanny valley situation.

  • Not a criticism - the proportional study of your canon camera looks great. The subtle line weight and the confidence of the linework shows a lot of comfort with visual communication.

  • A similar point to the one about the cast shadows, but I would refrain from mixing strong bold cast shadows with hatching - as soon as the heavy cast shadows are added, it makes the hatching feel a little weak. Go with one or the other.

  • If an object gets cut off (like the tripod for this lamp, be sure to cap them off instead of just having those lines suddenly stop. You want all your forms to be closed off, so think of it as though you cut through them with a blade in order to get them to fit on the page.

Other than that, very nice work! I'm especially pleased with the kinds of objects you got into drawing towards the end. The slot machine was a very nice choice. Keep up the good work, and consider this lesson complete.