Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

4:10 PM, Saturday October 16th 2021

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Hey I'm a beginner and I'd really appreciate some feedback before I start the 250 box challenge. I feel like my mark-making was a lot worse than my spatial awareness and sense of perspective, so I'd love some advice on that in particular.

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1:27 PM, Sunday October 24th 2021

Hi taigfenian!

I'll be critiquing your homework today. Let's get on with it.

Super imposed lines: Good job on making consistent and confident lines. There is no fraying at the beginning of your lines. Your lines seemed to have a slight arch but that improved through the other exercises. Although, you didn't need to do 3 pages of the exercise. You should only draw in the suggested amount of pages, no grinding

Ghosted lines: Some of your lines missed their mark but that is normal. It gets better with practice, just remember to add them to your warm up.

Ghosted planes: This looks good. Your lines seem to have improved.

Ellipses in tables: Some of the ellipses in the first page were wobbly but you have improved in the second page. The ellipses are kept within bounds. The ellipses are drawn through. Good job.

Ellipses in planes: This looks okay. The ellipses are drawn with confidence, prioritizing confidence and smoothness over accuracy.

Funnels: Good job, your ellipses are cut into symmetrical halves by your minor axis.Some of your ellipses look slightly wobbly, you can work on that during your warm ups.

Plotted perspective: Great job here. You have drawn through your boxes.

Rough perspective: You did a good job here. You must remember not to repeat lines.No matter how off a line is, you should never repeat it. You should keep it as it were correct and move on.

Rotated perspective: You don't worry much about your sense of perspective. You will learn more about perspective in the 250 box challenge.

Organic perspective: This exercise is very difficult, so don't be too hard on yourself. You'll learn more about how boxes sit in space in the 250 box challenge. Also, remember that draw a box isn't about making pretty drawings, so some ofour exercises will look pretty ugly.

Congratulations on completing lesson 1. I think you are ready to move on to the next challenge, the 250 box challenge. Keep coming back to these exercises as warm up for 10-15 minutes. Good luck!!

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3:17 PM, Tuesday November 2nd 2021

Thank you!

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