Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

6:06 PM, Tuesday January 11th 2022

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Only 1 page of super imposed lines because the other one was done digitally

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7:48 PM, Tuesday January 11th 2022

Hi there, I'll be giving you feedback to the best of my ability. I hope this helps you out! First, congratulations on finishing Lesson 1!


There's a lot of wobble in your lines, especially when looking at your super imposed page. Remember to draw from your shoulder. Speed can help improve the smoothness of your lines as well, so experiment with different levels of speed to achieve a more confident line! Overall, prioritize line confidence over perfect accuracy right now. With more practice your accuracy will improve naturally. I can also see that your lines do get smoother over time so good job on that!


I think you have nice ellipses. It seems like you struggled a little with the ellipses in planes. The ellipse is supposed to touch all 4 of the points that bisect each of the 4 sides (sorry if this doesn't make sense what I'm describing. If you need clarification watch the video for ellipses in planes because he describes all this better than me haha). Some of your ellipses miss touching several of these points and take on a slanted shape. Try to make an effort to touch all of the points, even if your ellipse crosses out of the boundaries. Keep in mind your still aiming for confident strokes.


Great job getting through these. The boxes section, in my opinion, is the hardest out of the three (especially rotated boxes).

Most of your perspective mistakes will improve with practice, so I won't go too in depth. Whenever you get confused with where the lines go, for example, in your organic perspective page, refer back to what the boxes the plotted perspective exercise looked like. Also, remember to keep your height lines perpendicular to the horizon, and your width lines parallel to the horizon.


Over all, good job. I saw a lot of growth! Make sure that whenever you get ready to draw, dedicate 10-15 minutes to practicing one of the homework assignments above as your warm up.

Next Steps:

Complete one more page of Ellipses in Planes and make the ellipse more fitting to the box (watch the video on this if you can).

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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8:30 PM, Monday May 30th 2022


Allow me to critique?

So, I went through your body of work and it appears to me that you've missed out on understanding crucial concepts that are very necessary for the amount of work you've submitted. As this is the first lesson in the entire series I will treat it with the same regard.


Your Superimposed lines are fraying on both ends with some floating above the other. While we're not aiming for perfection and effort is better than nothing your lines lack confidence. You can eliminate this issue by practicing to use your shoulder more. Make sure you are ghosting the lines, though. If you're unsure, do about 8 imaginary strokes above the paper before you commit to a single line, it does help.


The ellipses are good to go, the funnels, however, could use a retry. You're allowing the ellipses to escape their funnel border, and they're not alternating in size nor shape. Don't be afraid to go slow. Don't rush. You won't learn.

The ellipses in planes are not following the same perspective. You're twisting the ellipses to meet an angle when the top and bottom of the ellipses should touch the z axis.


Rough perspective is good.

Plotted perspective could be a bit more tidier, probably re-do this one as well.

Next Steps:

Please re-do the exercise. I know it's long and frustrating, and you've come so far (lesson 6) but there are fundamental issues you're having that will not allow you to improve the way you want. Please properly read over the material and if you can afford to, get an official critique. It will improve your skills immensely. Remember, DO NOT QUIT. Art takes long. I've been at this for years and I'm trying hard too. You got this.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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