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8:22 AM, Tuesday November 1st 2022

Hi! this is my first time giving critique but i'll try my best, and sorry for my english since english is my second language :)

first of all welcome to drawabox and congratulation for finishing the lesson 1 ;)

ok, here is some of the mistake i spotted from your work

  1. Line, your line is pretty confidence but i can still see some arching lines, it can happen because you aren't mostly using the shoulder pivot but if you are, you can fixed it by trying to arch consciously to opposite direction.

  2. ellipse, some of your ellipse is also bit wobble, just keep in mind that you should prioritizing confidence and smoothness over accuracy, as accuracy with get better with practice :) . And as in the Funnels you should try to make the ellipses on either side of the center line bit more symetrical.

  3. Boxes

i dont see anything else, except for the line as i mention above. overall you did great.

i think you understand everything well from the lesson 1,

i will mark this work as complete,

and you may continue to the 250 box challange, good luck :)

Next Steps:

250 box challange

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8:22 AM, Thursday November 3rd 2022

Wow thanks for critiquing my homeworks!

12:12 AM, Monday November 7th 2022

No Problem :)

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6:01 PM, Tuesday November 1st 2022

Hello. I’ll be critiquing your work today.


You did excellent on the superimposed lines. But on some lines, I see one line fraying on the starting dot. You should be aiming to put the pen on the dot. Otherwise, great job.

For the ghosted lines, I’m seeing wobbly lines. Remember to prioritize confidence over accuracy. With practice, your accuracy will improve over time. Just focus on confidence, then once you get more confident, then work on your accuracy.

For the ghosted planes, same thing like I said above but also, there are lines that are overarching. Make sure to draw with the shoulder pivot. If you are using the shoulder, try arching with the opposite direction.


You did a decent job on the ellipses table. Just need to make sure the ellipses are touching the edges. Don’t forget to fill up the negative space of the ellipses.

For the funnels, make sure the funnels are symmetrical, meaning there should be the same amount of ellipses on each side of the funnel. But overall, great job!


The only quarrel I have with this section is that with the rough perspective exercise, I see lines wobbling. I don’t want to sound like a broken record but again, focus more on confidence instead of accuracy.

But when it comes to the boxes section overall, you really did a nice job on them.

All in all, I say you’ve done pretty well. You can definitely move on to the 250 box challenge.

Next Steps:

Start the 250 box challenge.

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8:25 AM, Thursday November 3rd 2022

Thanks for the advice! I'll try to focus on confidence of the line now so!

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