Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

3:15 PM, Monday April 25th 2022

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Imgur: https://imgur.com/8wyM2eW

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Superimposed lines: https://imgur.com/U1eJVnD

Ghosted lines: https://imgur.com/NNkB9cv

Ghosted planes: https://imgur.com/R6r0UzZ , https://imgur.com/EO6fDAz

Tables of Ellipses: https://imgur.com/vjryd1d , https://imgur.com/yvaNWVM

Ellipses in Planes: https://imgur.com/vCTIfEl , https://imgur.com/RFvP1Nc

Funnels: https://imgur.com/QK06iXl

Plotted Perspective: https://imgur.com/tPDhHUh

Rough Perspective: https://imgur.com/sgloodN , https://imgur.com/fPnXos8

Rotated Boxes: https://imgur.com/rj3iIWf

Organic Perspective: https://imgur.com/TiOj54o , https://imgur.com/fZm6iW9

It's my first time submitting homework since I started Drawabox back in november, please tell me if anything went wrong so I can try to fix it!

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5:21 PM, Monday April 25th 2022

These exercises seem fairly well done. However, there are a few notable things you might want to work on.

Most majorly, your line quality. You seem to have a good deal of trouble with making clean confident lines. Personally, i recommend doing the ghosting and superimposed lines a fair few more times to try and help improve that. It'll make everything harder if you don't try and address that.

Second major thing i noticed was with your ellipses, you seem to have significant trouble pushing them as far as you need to, to take up the whole given space. I recommend doing more ellipses as well as a warmup in order to help improve this.

Overall, i think you're doing fairly well.

Next Steps:

Continue to work on these exercises as homework, and move on to the 250 box challenge.

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5:30 PM, Monday April 25th 2022

Thank you for the critique! You make very good points, I'll work more on my linework and ellipses when I'm doing my warmups!

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