Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

12:58 PM, Thursday October 21st 2021

Lesson 1 - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/JEEwxup

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Thanks in advance for any advice :)

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7:00 PM, Sunday October 24th 2021


Congrats on finishing Lesson 1! I’ll be reviewing your submission and hopefully find my feedback helpful.

Superimposed Lines

  • Your lines are straight and smooth. You also appeared to draw the lines confidently and from your shoulder. Good job.

  • One mistake I’ve noticed is on the 1st page, some of your lines are fraying on both ends. Your lines should not fray on the starting dot. You should place the pen carefully at the beginning of each line to avoid this from happening.

  • On your 2nd page, I can see some improvements with your lines, and they only had one frayed end. Nicely done.

Ghosted Lines

  • Most of your ghosted lines are straight and executed with confidence. Good job.

  • You can add this to your warmups to improve accuracy.

Ghosted Planes

  • Most of your lines are straight and executed with confidence. It also looked like you took your time doing the exercise with the ghosting method. Good job.

  • Adding this to your warmups will improve accuracy.

Tables of Ellipse

  • You kept the ellipses snugly next to each other and drew through them 2-3 times. I can see that you also prioritized drawing confidently from your shoulder. Good job.

  • Some things I would suggest is for you to vary the degree (making some thin ellipses snugly next to each other for practice) and sizes of the ellipses a little (drawing small ellipses by doing this: https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/12/step3)

  • You can also add this to your warmups to improve accuracy.

Ellipses in Planes

  • Your ellipses are smooth and executed with confidence. Most of your ellipses are also touching the borders. Well done.

  • You can add this to your warmups to improve accuracy.


  • Your ellipses are nicely aligned to the minor axis and cut the ellipses in 2 symmetrical halves. You also varied their degree and keep most ellipses within the funnel.

  • One mistake is the ellipse from both ends overlaps the ellipse next to them. It should touch each other but not overlapping.

  • I would also suggest you fill 1 more page of the funnel exercise since you only had 1 funnel on your submission and this exercise is about getting used to the use of the minor axis line, as well as continuing to work on getting those ellipses to fit snugly within a set space. These are both principles that are used heavily in lesson 2, so we want to start getting a firm grip on them now. (https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/14/purpose)

Plotted Perspective

  • The boxes have no distortions and it looked like you understand the concept of vanishing points and horizon lines. Good job.

Rough Perspective

  • You used one point perspective and your depth lines (those that are meant to converge towards the vanishing point) were converging with the horizon line. Good job.

  • I noticed that your lines are a bit wobbly and corrected some of your lines. Take your time with the ghosting method and always remember to not repeat your lines no matter how off it is, just keep it and move on.

Rotated Boxes

  • Your boxes’ corners are close to one another, you drew through the boxes, and they actually rotated. Well done.

Organic Perspective

  • Your boxes are freely rotated in space and gets smaller the further away it gets. Well done.

  • I also noticed that you repeated your lines in some boxes. You should not correct your lines no matter how off it is and don’t cover incorrect boxes/lines by zigzagging lines on top of it, just keep them there and move on.

Some Reminders:

  • Keep in mind that confidence takes precedence over accuracy.

  • Be patient with the exercises. You will learn much more if you take your time with the exercises.

  • Don’t correct incorrect lines. If you draw an incorrect line, don't draw another line on top of it; instead, keep the line and move on.

  • Remember the 50 percent rule. Make something for yourself as well, because this course will take a long time and you may burn out or lose motivation as a result.

Next Steps:

Fill 1 page of the Funnel exercise and reply with a link of your funnel exercise if you're done.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
1:55 PM, Tuesday October 26th 2021

Hi Mikka, thanks for the feedback - I appreciate you taking the time to review my work and thanks for the encouragement and advice on where I can improve.

I've added an extra page of funnels: https://imgur.com/a/kZwWVbk

I'll keep practicing these exercise to improve my accuracy and confidence going forward into lesson 2. And I'll get out of the habbit of trying to correct my lines for these exercises :)


12:50 AM, Wednesday October 27th 2021

I'm glad it helped ^^

Heres a feedback to your funnels:

  • Your ellipses are nicely aligned to the minor axis and cut the ellipses in 2 symmetrical halves. You also kept them within the funnel. Well done.

  • The only mistake I noticed is the spacing from the funnel on the right. You should keep them snugly next to each other. (https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/14/spacing)

You can now proceed to 250 box challenge to improve your understanding of 3D space. Good luck on your art journey!

Next Steps:

You can now proceed to 250 box challenge

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