Average Time to Draw

11:41 AM, Thursday August 18th 2022

What is the average time required to draw, while understanding the forms and spatial relations? I am afraid that i might be rushing on things, and taking too much of time on other unnecessary things.

How much time is required for the drawings, atleast in this course?

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7:08 AM, Saturday August 20th 2022

It varies a lot, not only from exercise to exercise but also from person to person, to the point where there can't be a specific recommended amount of time that works for all or even most situations. It comes down to your own intuition on whether or not you feel you've grasped what you needed to. If you haven't then ideally that would be identified in a critique and then you'll know what you should work on that more.

3:35 PM, Saturday August 20th 2022

Thank you for clarifying my doubts!

I was really having a hard time with this, and i was worrying about whether I was doing something wrong. But i guess I was investing my energy to the wrong thing, and should really focus on the more important thing, that is to learn.

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