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10:33 PM, Saturday September 12th 2020

Hello Sankedcorks,

The exercise after this one will require 0.5 fine liner pen. Just a heads up.

2 filled pages of Superimposed lines - Many of your superimposed lines are good. I can see you took the time to have one starting point. But I also see a few curved lines that look like you have multiple starting points. When you revisit this in the future, try to have only one starting point when doing this exercise. Take the time to align your pen tip to the starting point each time you draw your superimposed line.

1 filled page of Ghosted lines - These are all good. With time and meaningful practice, you will be hitting both places perfectly.

2 filled pages of Ghosted planes - These are all looking super confident and you have a wide variety of planes. Nice job! ????

2 filled pages of Tables of ellipses - Good good! More practice will get you tighter ellipses. Some of your ellipses break their boundary, but more ghosting may help you before you draw your ellipse.

2 filled pages of Ellipses in planes - Same deal here as with your tables of ellipses. Good overall. You attempted to hit all four interior edges. Nice!

1 filled page of Ellipses in funnels - Good deal, your ellipses are looking super confident. Good job drawing through them a few times too. In the future, attempt to make ellipse drawing a daily practice. Maybe five minutes a day. It will help you in the run long and in future exercises.

1 filled page of Plotted perspective - Beautiful! You did this correctly.

2 filled pages of Rough perspective - Great! You did this to the best of your ability. Some of your lines are a bit wobbly. Perhaps you made your boxes super small. That was the mistake I made when I first did this exercise.

1 filled pages of Rotated boxes - You knocked the ball out of the park. Just one thing, make sure you take advantage of neighboring edges when doing this one. The next time you practice this exercise, please use this as a reference: It helps me when revisiting this exercise.

2 filled pages of Organic perspective - I love how you overlapped the boxes. I really feel like it is moving through 3D space.

With that, I would say you are ready for the 250 box challenge Sankedcorks. Good job!


Next Steps:

Next Steps:

Get a couple 0.5 fineliner pens and tackle the 250 Box challenge

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3:08 PM, Monday September 14th 2020

Hey thanks a lot for the critique, I will make sure to do these exercises again. Yep, now moving on to the 250 box challenge, I will use a 0.5 fine liner this time.

6:35 PM, Monday September 14th 2020

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