Superimposed lines: Your lines are pretty wobbly and not confident but you align your pen at the correct place.

Ghosted lines: Dots doesnt need to be that big and your lines are still wobbly, we want them to be smooth and confident

Ghosted planes: Your line quality increases a bit but remember, you need to use your arm and draw your line without hesitation

Ellipses in planes & Table of Ellipses: You need to complete your ellipses in 2-3 motions you can't build muscle memory with only one round

Funnels of ellipses: They get a bit better but remember, you need to use your arm

Plotted perspective: You could be a bit neater with your paper but it looks correct

Rough perpective: We don't draw over the same line in order to correct it. If it's not correct, leave it be and do better next time.

Organic perspective: I think this page looks like it's done a bit quickly. Make sure you read through the exercise page before you commit. I also recommend you to take a cube on your hand and examine how it looks like in different positions