how can i put words as links and make words more black for attention

7:57 AM, Sunday May 19th 2024

when i've been posting questions but when i see the text of others post and replies and even the lessons text they have words that are yellow and can lead to a link if you clicked and there are text thats more blacker to have important attention i dont know how to do it. can someone help me?

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11:14 AM, Sunday May 19th 2024

Our website uses "markdown formatting", which is also used across many other platforms like Reddit, Discord, etc. This website has a full guide on how to use it, though you'll find the specific parts you're looking for by searching that page for "Bold" (that's making text darker) and "Links".

Also on the desktop version of this website, there's a formatting bar with buttons you can click to add markdown formatting more easily, though it is not accessible via mobile.

10:45 AM, Monday May 20th 2024

ty so much

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