Marker and ink Character portrait

2:21 AM, Friday June 10th 2022

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DnD character sketch.

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4:27 PM, Friday June 10th 2022

Man do I love this to bits! I like how the background colors blend into themselves because of the wash, which moves the focus to that... death stare... just like the stare my mother gives to me when she calls me by my full name... freaking horrifying, but love it! The colors seem a bit more gloomy too, but at the same time they are very bold, which just adds to the ominous feel.

And OH. MY. GOD. That mask is sick, swear I saw it somewhere but can't put my finger on it. Also sorry if I seem like I lived under a rock, but I was just curious about what DnD is, cus this painting is amazing, and I wanted to know where the inspiration came from. Have a wonderful and creative day!

5:12 PM, Friday June 10th 2022

Thanks, I appreciate the compliment.

The mask is an Japanese oni mask. I used a reference from google images. DnD is Dungeons and Dragons. It is a roleplaying game usually set in a fantasy setting. The game master sets up a story and the players react using game mechanics and roleplaying to the situtation. Basically: Interactive storytelling with rules. It's a ton of fun. A character portrait is not necessary at all for the game but adds to the fun. This character is a Japanese themed female elf barbarian who wears an Oni mask and works herself into a rage when fighting. Fun character.

8:45 PM, Friday June 10th 2022

Awesome! I thought I knew that mask from somewhere and I think I heard of Dungeons and Dragons before just didn't know how it was written. I'm glad you are having fun painting and introducing things you love into it, cause this is what it's all about! Keep it up!

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