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6:20 PM, Friday January 5th 2024

Starting from the lines, they were wobbly at first, but they soon started looking like a straight confident mark. Your lines on the second page fray on only one side, which means you are taking time for each line, so good job on that.

For the ghosted lines exeercise, some of you lines are wobbly, but that is a little fraction of all the lines. I like how you never went back to correct a line, that shows that you have confidence in your lines. Your lines were straight but overshot the points so you reached level 2.

For the ghosted planes exercise, your planes have sharp and confident edges, so well done on that too. However i do notice that there were no dots for the middle lines of each plane. Please be sure to mark the endpoints of a line before drawing it.

For the ellipses in tables, I notice that quite a few of them are wobbly. It's fine if they overshoot the borders a bit but please make sure that they are smooth. Also please make sure that you add a bit more variations in it during the warmup exercises

The ellipses in planes look good. I like that you've drawn them at least twice. There are however some gaps between the edges of plane and the ellipse and sometimes the ellipse overshoots the borders. But that's fine since draw a box focuses on the smoothness of the ellipse more than the accuracy.

The ellipses in funnel look strong. However there were some gaps between the ellipses and the end ellipses sometimes didn't line up with the minor axis. This indeed is a bit difficult so that's something to be expected.

The plotted perspectives look really good, you have used ruler for linework, your verticals are perpendicular to the horizon and the edges are correctly going back to the vanishing points. Solid job. For the rough perspective, i liked how you have added variation by putting the vanishing points a bit away from the center. The line work is a bit weak here, but they are converging back to the vanishing points(or near them).

The rotated boxes look very good. The boxes are close to each other and are pretty big. I did see a bit of scratching on one of the back planes, try to avoid going back and correcting lines. Love the organic boxes, they are rotating and getting bigger and there is no dramatic foreshortening. So good job on that. You linework has become more confident with each exercise.

You did well for this lesson. I'll mark this as complete! Happy Art Journey!

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9:42 PM, Saturday January 6th 2024

Looking good man I agree with the last reply submitted.

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