Hi! I'll be reviewing your submission!

Arrows: Pretty solid page. You're doing a good job compressing the space between the turns as the arrow moves further away. The first thing I will point out is that the change in the width of the arrows is a little inconsistent at times. This could be because you either a) lose control of your line b) don't plan the line beforehand. So make sure you are using your whole arm, and prepare for the line that you're gonna put down. Also, be more mindfull of how you draw your arrowheads. Imagine there's a third line flowing between the two lines of the arrow. I like to imagine this line and place the tip of the arrowhead accordingly.

Leaves: This is a pretty good attempt. The flow of the leaves is pretty smooth and convincing. You didn't add much detail but I think what you did add was good enough. Also, good job on the multiple leaves. It would have been nice if you had added more leaves with more extreme twists and turns. Don't be afraid to experiment and try bold things. Make sure you do this excercise as warmup every now and then and try different twists and turns.

Branches: Also a pretty solid page. You missed every now and then when connecting the ellipses, but everyone does with this excercise. It's pretty challenging. But good job changing the degree of the ellipses, and with the smooth lines. I don't have much to correct here, just keep practicing this excercise every now and then and you will get better at connecting the ellipses.

Plants: Your construction is looking solid. I can tell you're getting a solid grasp on construction and developing a nice spatial reasoning. The majority of your leaves look pretty smooth and flow quite nicely.

I will point out that for this flower you could have slowed down a little and added an ellipse to guide where the petals are going to be placed. The length of the petals seems inconsistent, so be more mindful of that. Also, the shadows on the hubiscus flower look a little odd. I assume you tried adding the shadow exactly as it looked in the reference? Be more mindful when you draw cast shadows. Sometimes too much shadow can be really distracting.

Other than that, your construction looks good! Keep practicing and make sure you do your warmups. Congrats on completing the lesson! I hope I could help you somehow and I wish you the best on your journey.