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3:38 PM, Wednesday August 26th 2020

Your exercises look pretty good, but you are missing quite a few of them. You should have two pages of ghosted planes, two pages of rough perspective (each with three panels), a full page (three panels) of plotted perspective, two full pages (three panels) of organic perspective, and you should have filled in your ghosted planes with ellipses. Also, it appears that you used a ruler for the rotated boxes, which should have been done freehand.

Other than those things, your rough perspective could use some work. Definitely go back to that exercise and finish out two pages. Try to be as deliberate as you can with where you place each part of your boxes. If you are having trouble understanding the perspective, you should go back over the lesson again or ask for help. Your organic perspective looks very rushed. Take your time when you finish these exercises, even if you feel like you don't understand it.

Your ghosted planes, ghosted lines, and superimposed lines are good. Your ellipses exercises look good. Try one last ellipse exercise with the ellipses in planes exercise.

Next Steps:

Complete the ghosted planes, ellipses in planes, rough perspective, plotted perspective, and organic perspective exercises. Once you are done doing the full version of these exercises, I can mark your lesson as complete. Please let me know if you have any questions.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
8:35 AM, Saturday August 29th 2020
edited at 9:11 AM, Aug 29th 2020

The second attempt. Please do so again, looking forward for your critique.


edited at 9:11 AM, Aug 29th 2020
2:51 PM, Monday August 31st 2020
edited at 2:51 PM, Aug 31st 2020

The ghosted planes look very nice, a few lines have some wobble, but it's the minority.

The ellipses on planes have a distinctive stray, but you managed to get them touching all four lines. You'll want to keep exercising ellipses as warmup.

Something on the rough perspective that can help you in the future: if you notice the lines are parallel, then they are not leading to the same view point, they won't converge. This can be helpful once you move to the 250 box challenge.

You forgot to draw through some of the rotated boxes. Notice the ones on the diagonals. Other than that, they all look well rotated.

There's also some traces of pencil on the organic perspective's boxes, guess you went with a pencil line before applying the ink?

edited at 2:51 PM, Aug 31st 2020
3:15 AM, Tuesday September 1st 2020

I kept looking back and fort at the rotated boxes reference for the bigger picture of it as well. Yes, I went with the pencil draft to feel the flow of the boxes since I took a really long time to get the gist of it.

12:15 AM, Thursday August 27th 2020

Thank you for your time! I'll try again slowly.

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