Lesson 4: Applying Construction to Insects and Arachnids

3:34 AM, Friday March 27th 2020

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Took me 2 weeks to finish this, need to over come my nature instinct before I start drawing...

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9:30 PM, Saturday April 11th 2020

Starting with your organic forms, these have a few issues. Main thing is that they aren't quite adhering to the shapes we are aiming for. They should be 2 identical balls connected with a tube of consistent width. Other than that they are pretty confident, good job!

Into your insects, they look pretty good in general, though I can see a few problems.

The first one is that I can see you're trying to draw a first light underdrawing, and then to add lineweight to every part visible to the viewer, making a "final drawing layer". Avoid this. In this exercises, constructional initial masses should have the same importance as other lines, so don't try to make them lighter.

Here I drew over a drawing a bit to show how the third thing I noticed, that you are adding some forms as 2d shapes, instead of thinking how they are in 3d space, every mark you put down represents a 3d mass, and you should treat it like one.

Next Steps:

Alright, so your drawings are pretty solid and I can see a good deal of improvement over the drawings, even though there are the issues I commented on, you've improved on your use of the sausage method as well, so I'm not giving you any redos to do. Congratulations on finishing lesson 4, and good luck in lesson 5, your next step!

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10:59 PM, Saturday April 11th 2020

Thanks for the critic. Although I already finish lesson 5 and doing the 250 cylinders challenge now, but still appreciate the comment. The second point I already addressing in my lesson 5 exercises. The first point probably is me focusing too much on the creating a final drawing and fearing creating a mess using the same line weight on construction lines and "final" line works.

1:13 AM, Sunday April 12th 2020

I'll try to go over your lesson 5 soon too, been taking a while because I've been pretty busy these days, but I've more time now. I'm still on the cylinder challenge myself so I won't be able to critique your stuff if you go faster than me though.

A good thing that helps on that final line work thing is thinking about the homework as what they are, just exercises. You're not supposed to create a pretty drawing. In fact, you can do a hideous drawing and the exercise can be perfect! So try not to beat yourself over it too much.

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