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11:34 PM, Wednesday March 29th 2023

Hello! I'm gonna do the critique on video so I don't hurt my wrist too much, if you can't hear something well or want me to explain something else please tell me! Here's the crit

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Move on to lesson 4

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2:45 AM, Thursday March 30th 2023
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Thanks for critiquing even on a promptathon!! It's very nice that you did a video, it helps absorb the info more easily (also, i didn't know you were spanish!)

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1:16 PM, Thursday March 30th 2023

No probs, glad I could help!

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8:30 PM, Monday March 6th 2023

I thought it was quite lovely to see your balance of negative + positive space, especially in the drawing of the corpse flower. It seems you clearly were understanding that there could be some improvements in the drawing of the Aloe Vera, denoted by the "yikes" next to the pot. While the pot could be a bit closer to the reference (it looks a bit skewed to the right, with the pot being an uneven thickness), These drawings are all incredible indicators of large amounts of skill that you are accruing. Good work!

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keep on drawing! Compared to your work for lesson 1, you have clearly made lightyears of progress.

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8:54 PM, Monday March 6th 2023

Aww well, thanks for the compliment!

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