Oh dear, I don't think you did it well either, I'm sorry :(


You made exactly one arrow that is passable, the rest you kept flat. Be sure to re-read the exercise properly, especially the "Common Mistakes" section. Your lines are wobbly and unconfident, you did not take perspective into account at all, you didn't draw shading inside the bends either.


Your sausages are oddly shaped. They bulk and bend at weird places, and are not consistent in width at all, tapering at the ends. Your ellipses aren't changing in degree either, and they don't follow the angle of the center lines you drew. On the page where the ellipses aren't fully drawn through you did take care to get the "ellipse-shape" in, so that's good. You did draw the wrong half of the ellipses, though.


I agree that you didn't capture the textures well. The goal of this exercise isn't to draw the "shape" of the paper, it's to draw the "shadows". Imagine there being a bright lamp on the right-side of the paper, shining all its light to the left. What kind of shadows would then appear? That is what you're supposed to draw :)

I fear you've failed to submit the texture dissections entirely.

Form intersections:

These forms aren't drawn with proper perspective, so there is very little to give in terms of feedback. Please refer back to the 250 boxes exercise to learn about perspective and foreshortening before doing this part again!

Also, the idea was to draw lines where the forms are intersecting, but most of your forms aren't even overlapping. Please re-read the exercise before doing this again.

Organic intersections:

For this exercise, I.. you made floating shapes. I'm afraid you failed to read the exercise. The end result should look like a pile of sausages all lying on a solid floor. After you've done that, someone can give feedback on the shadows you were supposed to draw but didn't!


I'm afraid I can't let this pass at all. Looking at your profile, I think noone gave you a passing grade for 250 boxes either, which explains why this lesson went so bad. The next lessons will only be harder, so please return to the 250 boxes challenge and make sure you fully understand it before you continue!