Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

11:00 PM, Tuesday April 13th 2021

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Hi, this is the first time I've completed DrawaBox since I gave up a year a go after Ghosted Planes.

Looking back at my Rough Perspective line work, my confidence dropped once the ruler was gone. My ghosted lines were shaky and the pen didn't have enough pressure.

I think shading the rotated boxes makes it look nicer, but I went too far. A lot of the mistakes I made are hidden underneath the shading. Also, I wish I had started with a larger first square. My biggest mistake may have been having inconsistent distances between each box in the center, while forcing a consistent distance on the outside.

I think I fixed my low ink issue for the Organic Perspective Homework, but I should've plotted out where I wanted the lines to go beforehand. Whenever I drew my lines at the wrong angle or too long, I ended up drawing really distorted cubes.

Am I okay to move onto the 250 box challenge?

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12:15 AM, Wednesday April 14th 2021

I only completed the first lesson (pg1 homework), so i can only give my feedback on those alone. But from what i seen your 8x lines are pretty good. You're pretty consistent on achieve that line structure, you made your first point nice and patient, flared at the other end but thats too be expected, on your curve ones they're pretty much the same but a bit more flared than the straight lines. Keep at it and you'll get better.

For your ghost lines (point a to point b) i would suggest slowing a bit down at the first point (not saying flow movements) but what im trying to say is get your first dot down then go, once your fine tip hits the paper just go, its okay to slow down on placing it on the first dot, but just go after that without hesistation. If you watch his video on his ghost line, he kind of slowly puts it on the first point but after that he just go's with it.

For your ghost planes, its pretty good. Some are over and some are under but over all its a nice flow especially for your circles inside them. I generally change the way i draw them (i either pull or push the pen away). I generally find pulling the pen towards me and my body easier and more consistent but that also hinders your movement. So i do both, pulling and pushing. Find the comfortable spot you can do either.

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1:50 PM, Saturday April 17th 2021

Hi there , welcome back to the community .

let me say it at first , If you feel like you dont have enough confidence when drawing a line then " ghost " it. it is a process of building muscle memory so that you can execute your line confidently . Ghost until you feel like you can do it . so now lets start by looking at your lines .

Superimposed lines :

hmmm they are pretty good , Though i'll point out that there are ocassional wobbles here and there. Remember to draw from your shoulder using ghosting method everytime :) . You have frayings in the lines which is absolutely acceptable at the time so , you dont have to stress on it . Right now only concentrate on getting your lines confident . Accuracy is something you'll have control over with time and practice .

Ghosted lines :

same with the ghosted lines , Some are really good , straight and executed with confidence while very less are wobbly and inconfident . Again , remember to draw from shoulder and ghost them . Overally , you did good on this .

Ghosted planes.:

Wow , its really good. I see much improvement here .

Ellipses in planes :

Great , you've drawn through the elispses just 2 times while some 3 times .(except for the bottom two elipses in planes on first page ) Remember that you are supposed to draw through ellipses 2 times everytime you draw them .

Your lines are flowing well . They seem well ghosted and planned as they are confident and are within the boundary . i see 2 or 3 elipses with lines that are frozing a litlte JUST BE CONFIDENT AND DO IT THROUGH GHOSTING. :))

Table of Ellipses :

seems like you did it in a hurry, especially your 2nd ,6th and 7th row. looks like your hand wasnt confident enough as it froze up in between while drawing it. They arent smooth enough .

Funnel exercise :

You did good here . You've tried maintaining the degrees and the minor axis cuts them in half too .

Plotted perpective :

Wow its really good . excellent work on this.

Rough perspective :

good job on guessing the perspective of the lines . But the problem is your lines getting wobbly and inconfident . Here , i dont see the same type of effort in lines as you had put in ghosted lines. Apply everything you had learn in previous exercises in later exercises too .

Rotated box :

Hmmm , you drew it kinda small . But the lines look fine. dont worry , you'll learn more about perpective in 250 box challenge.

since you mentioned that you used shading to make the work look nicer and hid some mistakes underneath , i suggest you DONT DO THAT . Draw a box is a learning community for you to expose your flaws and work in improving them. Since the exercise itself required hatching lines inorder to make look the boxes clear and more visible , i wont nag you on this.

The mistake you made here is the motive of using the hatching line . The exercise wanted us to use hatching lines (shading) to avoid visual confusion to the viewers while you used it to hide mistakes underneath . i just felt it's kinda wrong. nvm

organic perspective :

good job here.

conclusion : overally , i'll mark your work as complete and safe to move on to 250 box . you might have been tired of me nagging you over drawing from shoulder , ghosting and executing lines with confidence but these are veryyyyy important steps in all of the coming lessons in DRAW A BOX.

Also practise these exercises everyday even if its just for just 10 minutes as warmups before starting the lessons.

ed of me nagging you over drawing from shoulder , ghosting and executing lines with confidence but these are veryyyyy important steps in all of the coming lessons in DRAW A BOX.

Also practise these exercises everyday even if its just for just 10 minutes as warmups before starting the lessons.

Next Steps:

good luck with 250 box

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