Foreshortening boxes

11:12 PM, Sunday September 17th 2023

I’m working through the 250 box challenge and having difficulty foreshortening my boxes in various ways. Should each of the three sets of converging lines be angled to a nearer vanishing point or only one plane?

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4:43 PM, Wednesday September 20th 2023

One thing to keep in mind is that there are two things that will change the rate of convergence of an object's lines.

  • There's its orientation - as the form rotates, some of its sets of parallel edges shift more towards running parallel to the viewer's angle of sight, so those vanishing point slides closer to the center of the picture frame, and some of its sets of parallel edges rotate more towards running perpendicular to that angle of sight, so their vanishing points slide further and further away until they reach infinity.

  • And there's the overall rate of foreshortening, which applies to all of these sets of edges equally.

If you're trying to shift the overall foreshortening, you'll be bringing all the vanishing points closer, or pushing them all further away. If you're only doing it to one or two sets of parallel edges, you'll be rotating the form instead.

6:27 PM, Thursday September 21st 2023

Thanks for the reply, very helpful and a lot to process!

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