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7:35 PM, Thursday May 5th 2022

So the thing to keep in mind most of all is that Drawabox isn't about drawing animals, or plants, or vehicles, or organic subject matter, or hard-surface subject matter. It all works together towards the specific, limited goals discussed back in Lesson 0's first page (primarily developing students' spatial reasoning skills). Lessons 6 and 7 continue to develop this, but through a very different lens from the previous ones, which helps students explore the problem from a very different angle.

That doesn't mean you are in any way required to push through the whole course - you should feel free to branch off into other things whenever you like - but I did want to clarify what appeared to be a general misunderstanding of how the course itself is structured.

When it comes to figure, Michael Hampton's a good choice, though my preference (as far as online resources go) drifts more to Steve Huston, specifically because he teaches in an analytical fashion that matches how I learned from a class with Kevin Chen. Hampton's definitely analytical as well, but the specific methodology used in the class I took was really helpful for me, so I was pleased when I found someone teaching the same way online recently.

8:41 PM, Thursday May 5th 2022

Ah yes Steve Huston, I remember watching his 3 hour long free class sample on YouTube back when I first started out.

Anyways it wouldn’t hurt to try out both instructors, see what fits best.

As for lesson 6 and 7 I’ll definitely go through them soon.

Thank you.

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