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2:47 PM, Thursday February 29th 2024

Hello there l call myself Quat and I am going to review your exercises for lesson 3.

First of all the organic arrows and the leaves exercises: your lines look confident and you did a great job conveying the Gesture in 3D for both exercises, and even though some of the leaves have a lot of unnecessary lines but you did well.

As for the branches exercise: I noticed that some of your branches look wobbly/drawn as if you were not sure how you are supposed to draw them, and that is more common in almost all of the plants you drew, Also in the fly trap plant you seem to have a problem in terms of spacing your Ellipses on your Branches. I am going to ask you to make another page of the branches exercise and I recommend that you act patiently when ghosting and pay attention to the distance between each ellipse.

As for the plants before I start please add a number and a name for the pages next time, it would help the critique giver point out specific problems more easily.

In the daisy drawing I noticed that you made the stamp of the flower too small which made the plant look weird.

In the fly trap like I pointed out earlier the spacing between ellipses is a bit lacking . I would like to also point out that the drawing is really small, which is not necessarily a mistake but taking more advantage of the size of the paper is more preferable since it would allow the viewer to understand what's in front of them more clearly. I would recommend This video from Draw like a sir on the topic if you want to check it out.

There is also a flower that I assume you forgot to draw branches for, I am going to have to ask you to draw draw the branches for.

The other plants don't have noticeable problems and for the most part you did a good job with them.

Next Steps:

draw 1 page of the Branches exercise and finish the flower that you drew

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
10:45 PM, Thursday February 29th 2024

Thank for the critique, here’s the revisions: https://imgur.com/a/rz4vrXj

6:35 AM, Friday March 1st 2024

Well done your branches are well made.

as for the branches on the flower even though I would have preferred that you make them bigger but they are well done and you don't need anymore revision

Next Steps:

Your next step will be tackling Lesson 4

Good luck

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