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11:12 AM, Tuesday December 13th 2022
edited at 12:39 PM, Dec 13th 2022

Hi Lerin! I was nodding to myself realizing things as I read through this big chunk of critique, thank you soo much for the eye-opener. I'll definitely keep these in mind!

Thank you for liking my art too! Drawabox helped me get to this level ?. And of course you can follow me (does DaB allow posting of socmed handles here? oh well I'm a rebel so here goes), I doodle a lot as @dersacerj on tumblr and youtube :>

edited at 12:39 PM, Dec 13th 2022
8:17 AM, Wednesday December 14th 2022

Hey, I'm glad my feedback helped you and you could agree with what I said ^^

I also learned a lot thanks to DaB and I'm excited what else is coming haha. I don't know about any rules against sharing your socmed but I'm definitely following you now on YouTube :> I don't really use tumblr anymore but you can find me under @lerin____ on IG if you'll ever go there haha.

Wishing you the best!! ?

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