Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

8:12 AM, Sunday November 6th 2022

DaB Lesson 2: Organic Forms, Dissections and Form Intersections - drawabox post - Imgur

Imgur: http://imgur.com/gallery/PnVAGLZ

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Hi, it's me Ji! I have finally finished Lesson 2 after more than a gallon's worth of tears I'm looking at you Dissections (this lesson took me almost year due to some personal stuff) and I'd be more than glad if I can receive a huge chunk of critique on my work from y'all! Thank you so much for you help.

P.S. I thought boxes were my established mortal enemies, but sausages are catching on real quick haha this is gonna be an interesting development

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6:45 PM, Thursday December 1st 2022

Hey there!! I will be looking over your homework today ^-^ Congrats on making it through the second lesson and the cursed sausages!! I believe you can beat those mortal enemies!!

I'll be focusing on what I think you did well first, before explaining where I think you have room to improve, if need be. Let's hop into it!

Arrows: Your arrows flow smoothly and confidently through 3D space, good job! You also seem to have a good understanding where and how to place the shadow and where to emphasize the edges. I notice one minor thing and that is your arrows tend to widen around the middle, widen rapidly or become smaller towards the end that is coming closer to the viewer, when it should be the opposite. It's a relatively minor thing but keep an eye on that if you add this to your warm-ups!

Organic Forms: Your sausages look good! Seems like you slayed the enemy. Sometimes they tend to be a bit elongated. In this as well, keep an eye on it, but it's something you learn as you do. If you have trouble with it, maybe this info by Uncomfortable might help: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/5/simplesausage

Good job on the ellipses too! They're placed confidently, drawn through twice and move in space with the sausage. Nice!

Texture: I definitely understand the fear around texture, it's a huge topic! You did well with this one, too. The gradient is a hard thing to manage and you added it as well as you could. You're sticking to cast shadows and placing shapes above lines. The most important thing about this assignment is that you learn to really look at your reference and train your eye. And you definitely did that. Good job on breaking the silhouette in the Dissection and making the texture curl around the sausage. There's one minor thing. I noticed you have quiet a big stretch of nothing at all where the light source is hitting from directly above. While this would be right, for the sake of your own progress I would leave that strip of nothing far smaller and instead try to create a gradient from something to nothing, since right now it seems kind of like an abrupt ending eg. the hedhehog spikes, the coconut husk, hay and jackfruit.

Construction: Your constructions are looking really good! The forms are all confidently drawn and look like they're all sitting within the same space and interacting with each other. The intersections themselves also look like they're making sense. Hooray! In your organic intersections I also believe you might profit from using less sausages, since it might get too clustered and with a bit fewer you can properly concentrate on each form and the shadow they cast. Aside from this, they look properly floppy. Nice!

This should be it! You got a firm grasp on everything the assignments wanted you to learn and I don't think I would need any revisions from you. Just keep an eye on the thing I mentioned and maybe try a few things in your future warm-ups.

Also I saw your art! It looked really pretty and I loved the colours, if you don't mind, can I follow you on Twitter or another app? o3o

If you have any questions feel free to ask! Have fun in the next lesson :>

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On towards Lesson 3!

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11:12 AM, Tuesday December 13th 2022
edited at 12:39 PM, Dec 13th 2022

Hi Lerin! I was nodding to myself realizing things as I read through this big chunk of critique, thank you soo much for the eye-opener. I'll definitely keep these in mind!

Thank you for liking my art too! Drawabox helped me get to this level ?. And of course you can follow me (does DaB allow posting of socmed handles here? oh well I'm a rebel so here goes), I doodle a lot as @dersacerj on tumblr and youtube :>

edited at 12:39 PM, Dec 13th 2022
8:17 AM, Wednesday December 14th 2022

Hey, I'm glad my feedback helped you and you could agree with what I said ^^

I also learned a lot thanks to DaB and I'm excited what else is coming haha. I don't know about any rules against sharing your socmed but I'm definitely following you now on YouTube :> I don't really use tumblr anymore but you can find me under @lerin____ on IG if you'll ever go there haha.

Wishing you the best!! ?

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The Science of Deciding What You Should Draw

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