Superimposed Lines: Be careful with putting your pen at the start of every line. You have fraying on both ends and the curves look jagged, especially the smaller ones.

Ghosted Lines: You had a lot of hesitation here, your ghosted lines in the first exercise were smoother but in this one you didn't complete some of them and they aren't as confident and smooth as we want them to be. However I noticed they started getting better in later exercises but I wish you drew more ghosted lines in this page for practice.

Ghosted Planes: You started drawing lines faster but some of them have arch. You'll going to have arches if you rush your lines, take more time with ghosting

Ellipses in Planes & Table of Ellipses & Funnels: What helped me with drawing smoother ellipses was to stop thinking about if I'm doing it right in the middle of drawing them. When you use your arm motion in a certain speed the ellipses will be smooth, after you draw smooth ellipses you can improve accuracy. Just draw your ellipses with using your shoulder, stop thinking midway if they'll turn out accurate because your thinking mind sabotages the quality of your lines. Think of your shoulder as the pivot of a circular pendulum, your ellipses should be as smooth as your lines and don't forget to draw through ellipses 2-3 times to build muscle memory

Plotted Perspective: Good

Rough Perspective: You overshoot lines but it's clear that you understood the concept, good job

Rotated Boxes: You got a good understanding of this concept but you overshoot most of your lines. It's very important to stop at where the line ends. It's also harder to control your arm motion if you're drawing in a small scale, you will control your lines better if you draw bigger. Notice that most of your page is empty. I believe you wouldn't overshoot this much if you drew bigger.

Organic Perspective: Take your time with ghosting your lines so you won't overshoot them

Congratulations for completing lesson 1! This was a lengthy critique but please don't think that I was harsh here, it's very expected to make mistakes on your first try and you'll work through them as you keep drawing. You have no problem with understanding the concepts, you just need to practice your line quality.