Regarding the "Pool of Exercises"

5:35 AM, Monday December 26th 2022

An small but simple question -- I am currently doing the 250 Box Challenge and have completed lesson one.

For each day I'm going to spend time drawing boxes for this challenge, do I spend time doing the warmups of lesson one for 10-15 minutes beforehand?

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7:02 AM, Monday December 26th 2022

It's a good idea to start with a warm up so you aren't drawing messier boxes than needed as part of your actual submission.

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7:37 AM, Tuesday December 27th 2022

Warming up with the lesson 1 exercises helps a lot. When I did the 250 Box, I ended the warm up with at least one box... more if I did not feel comfortable with the first practice box.

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8:34 PM, Saturday December 31st 2022

I typically do 1 full 8.5" x 11.0" page of warmups before any homework. I fill up the page with ghosted planes, ellipses, cylinders and boxes. I find that doing that for 10-15 mins dramatically improves the boxes I draw in the challenge. I'm about halfway through the 250.

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