Hello and welcome to drawabox!

Superimposed lines

Your lines have no fraying and are meeting at the two points accurately but the lines are wobbly, your lines will become more accurate as you keep practicing so prioritize the straightness of the lines (try to increase the stroke speed if it helps).

Ghosted lines

Same as superimposed lines, but it looks a lot better on the second page.

Ghosted planes

Seems like you are starting to get the hang of the lines at this point, slight arching but overall, they are great.

Table of Ellipses

There is a lot of overlap on the first page but you got significantly better on the second one, the ellipses are nice and tight, some of them don’t quite touch the walls but there isn’t much overshooting when they do.

Ellipses in planes

This exercise is done very well!


There is some overlap and some ellipses are loose but it’s fine overall.

Plotted Perspective Boxes

You understood the exercise well.

Rough Perspective Boxes

You’re repeating some lines, once you put down a stroke don’t change it, overall, it looks like you mostly got the hang of it by the second page since only a couple of lines are too far from the vanishing point.

Rotated Boxes

The first try was fine enough but despite being a hard exercise you did really well on your second try!

Organic boxes

The boxes on the first page don’t seem to rotate much but you fixed that as well as the shape of the boxes on the second page

You are doing great so far, I hope this was helpful. Good luck on your journey and on the 250 box challenge!