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6:58 PM, Thursday December 16th 2021

Hii Darkozet, I'll be reviewing your homework today.

First of all, congratulations on finishing all the exercises!


I think you did a good job on this one, you compressed your arrows making them bigger and bigger as they came closer to the viewer, which is very important to create the 3D illusion. However, I noticed some line repetition which is something to be avoided, whenever you make a mistake you should consider as if it were correct and move on.

Organic forms

These are great! You kept the forms simple, you drawn through the ellipses 2 times, they are within the boundaries of the forms, they are also aligned with the axis and their angles are changing, besides that they also are hooking the forms, so congrats!

Texture Analysis

Your drawings are pretty good here too, you focused on drawing the shadows instead of the form, but the transition between the black bar and the texture could be a bit smoother, you can still see that black bar.


Your dissection are really good! You broke the silhouette of the forms and "wrapped up" the texture around them.

Form intersections

Everything looks quite alright for me, I dont have much to say on this one.

Organic intersections

This is also really good, the forms are simple, none of them are "floating" around and they are also shaded correctly, well done!

Overall I think you did a great job!

I hope this was helpful and I thin you're ready for the next Lesson, good luck!

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8:38 AM, Monday January 3rd 2022

Hello SuperS0nick,

Thanks a lot for your critique and for pointing out my mistakes !

The texture analysis exercise took me a long time to complete, I'll be more careful in the futur and do my best to do a smooth transitions when I'll be tackling the 25 texture challenge

This was helpful thank you again

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