Lesson 5: Applying Construction to Animals

5:27 PM, Friday December 30th 2022

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is it me or did not improve as much as I shouid have???

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3:13 PM, Wednesday February 1st 2023

Hello Farhan! Overall you've done a good attempt but there are a few important things I want to talk about.

First of all I think you're working too small, I recommend sticking to one animal per page so you have plenty space for each drawing.

Second is the paper, a sketchbook like that is okay, but I recommend getting if you can a stack of printer paper, as it's better for the course. It'll give you more space to draw freely.

About the exercises, let's start with the organic form intersections:

You've done a good job drawing the simple sausage forms, but a few things:

-You're drawing way too many contour lines, take a look at the exercise examples and compare them. Draw way fewer contour lines and try to put a lot of care into each line instead as that's how it's recommended to approach forms on drawabox.

-The other thing is that some of the forms you drew don't feel stable enough. Try to think of the forms as water baloons, if you think of them as such, some of your forms wouldn't be stable and would fall. Always try to think if the organic form you're going to draw is going to be stable or not when you draw them.

About the animal constructions, you're overall drawing them solidly, but aren't approaching the sausage forms correctly:

-1 Sometimes you don't draw through the forms completely. Example

-2 Sometimes you don't draw intersections between sausages. Example

-3 Sometimes you don't use sausage forms for legs and use cylinders or other kind of forms. Example

So, before moving on I want you to do one more page of organic intersections, and one more page of a horse (remember to keep the things in mind I told you and to do only one animal per page).

Good luck, keep up the good work, and don't forget to ask questions if you have them!

Next Steps:

1 page of organic intersections

1 page of a horse

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
1:46 PM, Wednesday February 8th 2023

sorry for the delay but here's my revissions.


I'm sorry for using gdrive but imgur isn't working for me at the moment

11:03 AM, Saturday February 11th 2023

Hello! You're doing better now with the organic intersections so good job! You are being more careful with the contour lines and the forms look more stable now!

Lastly about the horse, a few things:

It looks mostly solid, but you aren't drawing every single form individually, for example the legs of the horse aren't divided in simple organic forms, you are drawing them directly as complex forms. Make sure you always approach everything on drawabox by starting with simple forms and then building up complexity from there. Here's an example on your horse. If you need more masses you can add them using additional forms like this.

This approach is explained on the demos, so give a reread to the donkey demo for example to see what im talking about

Second thing is that detail makes it a bit hard to see what you've actually done on the drawing, so try to either skip on detail, or take a photo before adding detail (cast shadows, texture etc) so it's clear what you were trying to do with the drawing.

So! Overall you're doing a good job, but I'll ask you to do one more horse drawing to make sure you understood what I just explained, good luck!

Next Steps:

1 more horse drawing (remember to either not draw detail or to take a photo before adding detail)

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
9:54 AM, Tuesday February 14th 2023

a question do u want me to put some cast shadows in or do you want me to draw only construction???

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8:53 PM, Saturday February 18th 2023


I tried to do my contructions with less just cast shawdows to emphassis form

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