Hello SHELLBELLSV2.. i'll be looking over your submission..First of all i'd like to congratulate you for finishing the most tedious 250-box challenge.. not everyone is able to complete it as it takes a lot of time and patience ...

So starting off, a box in 3 point perspective will ALWAYS have their lines converge. They can never diverge, or be parallel.

It is possible for them to converge very slightly, but they have to converge, even if it's really hard to notice it the convergence has to be there.

this might help : https://imgur.com/3zoQA65

you've done a great job with experimenting different sizes, orientations and rotations of boxes it's also great that you kept your pages with a maximum of 5-6 boxes per page.

Line weight

lineweight should be added with a superimposed line, one is enough, as it's important to keep it subtle.

When doing this superimposed line, it should be done ghosting and drawing it confidently, having it lose accuracy is acceptable, but having wobble is not. As always, confidence > accuracy.


this shown right here is convergence by pairs which is a common mistake .. although there's no definite solution as it still does take a lot of mileage before lessening the convergence by pairs issue, it would help to change your perspective a bit,


This image here shows how each line is actually related to one another, when you move the vanishing point further, your lines will be close to parallel but not completely parallel(it wouldn't be completely parallel because it'll become isometric perspective, and isometric perspective is not real in real life.), when you move your vanishing point closer, the rate of foreshortening also would be dramatic, but you can never make it diverge or split onto multiple points.

Also, don't try to converge it equally on both sides as it makes the boxes look distorted which is something you dont see in real life..so try to conciously make an effort not to make both vanishing point very close.

Overall this is a pretty solid submission. Don't forget to put this challenge in your pool of warmups as well as the points that i've raised, with that being said i'll be marking this submission as complete.