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3:05 AM, Thursday April 21st 2022

hello, apologize for the late reply! to clear up confusion, i have alraedy finished lessons 2 and 3 but i am still practicing both of them as i feel like im still lacking a lot.

heres a link to a drawing i did a few days ago, this isnt specifically for any lessons but i wanted to try and learn how to draw heads for fun/practice , (very well aware its difficult to do and looks awful) but this is the struggle im having where i am looking at my references and stuff but it never comes out right when i actually draw, I dont know what im doing wrong or am i just not "observing" well enough?

8:45 PM, Thursday April 21st 2022

Sorry, but it is a broken link for me.

8:37 PM, Tuesday April 26th 2022

hello! sorry for the very late reply, i must have accidently deleted what i posted

heres another session i did hopefully it works. trying to draw some skulls (w/ ref)

my issue is how in-consistant they are from each other going from left to right is my first vs my last ones

3:33 PM, Thursday April 28th 2022

You might want to check out a youtube video by a Syrca. Search for "Iterative Drawing". I think his approach will help you with something like the skulls. Consistency is hard to achieve. From what I can tell (I don't have it yet either) it takes mileage. Tons and tons of drawing.

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