Hey! I will be looking over your homework today ^^ Congrats on making it through the second lesson!

Arrows: Your arrows are looking good! You seem to have a solid understanding of how they bend in space, where to place the shadow lines and where to emphasize the edges. They really give the feel of slithering through 3D space, one end being much smaller and gradually widening the closer the arrow gets to the viewer. There are some areas where I think you could have added another turn but it's a minor thing in comparison to the big picture. Good job!

Organic Forms: The forms have their fluidity to them, flowing through space and the countour lines and ellipses are well drawn. Good job on drawing through the ellipses twice as well! I feel like you could add more varying degrees of the ellipses, really emphasizing how the shape turns towards or away from the viewer, but that's more of a minor thing.

The sausage form themselves are off, though. You did improve on the second page but I still want to remind you that we're going for a simple tube with an equally sized sphere at each end. Meaning, one end can not be drastically smaller than the other. There's no pinching, nor widening in the middle either and the spheres at the end can't be elongated. This is important, since you will need this in upcoming lessons.

Here's the example given by Uncomfortable to visualize what I mean: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/5/simplesausage

Aside from this one thing, good job!

Texture: There are a lot of situations where you do a good job on portraying the cast shadows in shapes and you progress and learn quite a bit throughout the Dissection assignment. It really shows your growth! Good job! I still feel obligated to remind you to stay away from simple lines, which you have used more often in the first page. Cast shadows will very rarely be only a simple line. In situations where the light source shines directly on the shape maybe, but even then it will probably not be a simple line. If you have trouble with this, you can check out this handy little tip by Uncomfortable: https://i.imgur.com/M9JJfr4.png

You're making good progress though! The gradients on the second page also look really good already ^^

Regarding the Texture Analysis assignment: You did really well with this one, too. The gradient looks smooth and fluid and you stayed away from simple lines. However, it looks like you used only the crumpled paper as analysis, when you should've used it in the first analysis only. Even if it isn't the same thing, you didn't take away as much because you're missing other types of textures now. If you have trouble finding textures to study you can join the discord server, where people posted a bunch. Here's one example of those: https://imgur.com/a/5KC0uXs

Theoretically, I think you learned what was the essence of the assignment, however I feel like this is a rather important part to go through so if you're up for it I'd like you to do an analysis for two textures you can find that don't look like crumpled paper. Meaning you have a paper as described in the assignment with the three segments of Direct Study, Notes and the gradient in the last box and you do that for one texture and then for a different texture. Might take a bit of extra time but it's gonna be important further down the line.

Basically, I don't think you absolutely must do it, but it might be a good idea to catch up on this. In this case, it's your decision, really.

Intersections: Looking over these I believe you have a solid understanding of how forms intersect in 3D space. They look like they make sense and all the lines placed are confident. I actually don't think there's anything I could complain about, good job! For the organic intersections you might want to include those in your warm-ups and try to make them bigger, really fit one pile on one page. But that should be about it.

In conclusion I think you can safely move on to the next lesson. As I said, you can do the additional Texture Analysis and if you do, don't forget to answer to this with another link to it so I can look over it one more time.

In addition, I noticed you didn't receive your feedback for the 250 Box Challenge yet. The Draw a Box course is built in a way the requires you to receive feedback or else you will continue making the same mistakes unknowingly, since there's only so much one person can catch. If you have waited a long time and still didn't receive feedback, you can join the official Discord Server, there's a dedicated channel for this situation, which makes sure you will get the feedback you need. So yes, please do wait for feedback before heading to the next thing!

Wishing you lots of luck!