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4:54 PM, Wednesday May 4th 2022

i quoted your answer to the same question in the comments on reddit since it seemed as if other people were interested as well. hope that’s okay

2:26 AM, Thursday May 5th 2022

Yup! I did notice, and yes, it's perfectly fine.

8:14 AM, Saturday May 7th 2022

i don't mean to be a smart ass but in the white pelican demo you write: "It is entirely necessary however for us to understand what is going on underneath the skin (...) this information will prove to be very valuable in pushing the believability of your drawings in the most unexpected of ways."

is this just due to it being an older demo? if so it might be helpful to clarify that when you're doing the overhaul of the later lessons

8:47 PM, Saturday May 7th 2022

Ah yeah, that is very much because it's older. There are a lot of little things that have become contradictions over the years, which is really why I'm fully overhauling everything, and planning to create an entirely new set of demonstrations when I get there.

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