250 Box Challenge

12:46 AM, Saturday January 21st 2023

#kotka1891, 250 Box challenge - Album on Imgur

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I'm finally done. This took me almost a month to complete. I was a bit overwhelmed with expectations versus reality on this one. When I understood that this challenge is not to be taken lightly, I started focusing on different skills one at a time. This is why I didn't introduce line weight immediately. Here are some personal thoughts on my submission, which might help you, my future reviewer, understand my shenanigans:

  • Some boxes have crooked lines. A lot of these are due to me getting very decisive/excited and pressing too hard on the stack of paper, which then gives way.

  • I was a bit distracted and accidentally confused which lines were supposed to go where for some specific "planning point". I know it's wrong, but in some few boxes I tried to just redraw the line. Sorry about that!

  • I don't feel that I improved as much as I expected and wanted to. I still feel like I'm missing something. Don't know if it's more of a self-confidence issue, but I definitely saw a good peak somewhere around box 150, then it dropped slightly and stayed constant all the way to box 250.

  • While drawing the boxes, I experimented with the order I drew the lines after the initial Y. I discovered that for some orientations, a particular order resulted in more accurate convergences. Unfortunately, I never found a personal optimal routine that consistently produced near-perfect convergences.

  • The first set of boxes for each day are always the worst.

  • In a few boxes, I almost got perfectly organized lines to the VP. While I am proud of these, I don't remember that I manage to achieve this for all three VPs in any of my boxes.

Thank you for taking time to review this! Have a nice weekend.


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3:34 PM, Monday February 13th 2023
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Hello there, i'm GuildZap (Aka Fervent Heroes) and i'll help you out with your submission today! Most of the mistakes you do point out yourself, and i do have some suggestions:


For your crooked lines, you should have done ghosted lines as a warm up before the main exercise. That way you can preemptively know how hard to press / grip, the speed, the angle of the pen, maybe the table that you draw in has bumps in it, th poisitoning of your body, etc.

Also it can be useful to think about confidence as using your whole arm to draw the line.

2 point perspective

I do observe some boxes like 167, that are in 2 point perspective. It is good to exercise it, but for the sake of the challenge you had to maintain your boxes in 3 point perspective.

Lines that extend in the wrong way

Like boxes 185, 50, 46, 38, and some few more. Always keep in mind that in 3 point perspective the extended lines extend AWAY from the user. Like in this image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/365180330103013388/716494148093607946/unknown.png

Inner corner

I do observe some struggle with the inner corner. Keep in mind that the convergences you make DO affect how you make the inner corner. here's another guide that can be useful in that regard: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/365180330103013388/892934905800052826/image0.png

Angles that are less than 90°

I do notice there are boxes where the angles are less than 90° (like 193) and it makes them slightly distorted. To fix this you can grab an object with a 90° angle (like a 90° ruler, or a normal ruler too) and check if any angles goes less that it.

Overall a great submission, but need to follow instructions more precisely.

Next Steps:

Work on additional exercises as warm ups and continue on the lesson you are on.

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6:16 PM, Monday February 13th 2023

Lesson 2* is the next step, excuse me.

6:23 PM, Monday February 13th 2023

Hey and thanks for the speedy and useful feedback! I have tried different order of drawing the lines to complete the box and found out pretty quickly that it really affects the inner corner issue. I wish I had found your pic related earlier during the challenge, but, better late than never. Since boxes are always part of my daily warm up, I can keep working on my issues. Thanks!

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