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12:57 PM, Sunday April 30th 2023

Firstly, your lines are done with confidence I can see this clearly throughout your work especially in the 'Ghosted lines' and 'Ghosted planes'. You're super imposed lines were made with confidence aswell, my only critique, I noticed some of them were freying on both ends (make sure you focus where you put your pen at the start).

I also think youve done a great job on the ellipses. You've gone over 2-3 times which was suggested and I cant see any attempt to 'fix' them.

Finally your perspectives. I can see you have an understanding of boxes in perspective and how they rotate (I mostly see this in the 'rotated boxes' homework). However, in your organic perspectives I can see most them are done at the same angles and similar shapes too, try to play around that by changing the width and hight.

Overall you should be proud of what you've done so far, keep practicing whenever possible. You've got this!

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

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5:02 PM, Tuesday May 9th 2023

Thank you for taking a look at my work i will revise my organic perspective and move forward.

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