Superimposed Lines:

Your lines go off of the page, so there’s no way to identify over/undershoot. It’s important to see the whole mark, otherwise I can only review a portion of your work! There’s also some wobble, which is usually a sign of not drawing confidently.

Ghosted Lines:

You've taken the time to find your starting points, and have heavily reduced wobbling, well done! There is some overshoot, which will reduce with practice, but you can also try lifting your pen off the page as soon as you reach an endpoint.

Ghosted Planes:

Several planes merge / share points - we’ll get more practice if they’re separate. This is done correctly at several spots, so it’s just applying that to the rest. I’d also recommend varying your planes’ sizes and point positions more.


Tables of Ellipses

Your tables of ellipses look good! You’ve drawn through your ellipses 2 - 3 times, and their minor axes are quite well aligned.

Ellipses in Planes

Your ellipses are drawn through 2 - 3 times - you’re placing your ellipses in the proper boundaries, and they look confident, well done!


The alignment of ellipses to the funnel’s minor axis is off in some places, but overall they look good - remember you only need to submit one page of the funnels exercise though!


Plotted Perspective

The boxes themselves look good, but your perspective guidelines shouldn’t overshoot their vanishing points - since we’re using a ruler it's something we can control.

Rough perspective

There may have been some confusion here - you’ve correctly submitted one plotted perspective page, but only one full page (out of two) of the rough perspective exercise. The other is half plotted, half rough perspective. For the full page of rough perspective, the top section doesn’t have perspective guidelines - it’s important to do this for every section, so we can gather information about mistakes.

Rotated Boxes

Some boxes haven’t been drawn in, and some line sections merge with each other - we also only need to draw 2 boxes on either size of our center one. Your boxes are rotating correctly, which is a very difficult concept to grasp - well done!

Organic Perspective

I’d recommend a few more boxes per scene - also, you don’t have to worry about hatching/drawing through boxes with this particular exercise. You've done very well tackling the depth/spatial reasoning concepts involved with this exercise!


There are sections of lines which are redrawn multiple times - there’s just a couple, but it’s important to keep it in check! Lastly, certain sections of hatching don’t fully cover the face they’re supposed to.

Not much else to put here except this: the critiques I’ve given here don’t mean you’ve failed/done poorly, and I’ve seen a ton of improvement looking at your work - keep moving forward!