Congrats on completing lesson 1! Starting with your superimposed lines, your lines are fraying at both ends and your lines are wobbly. Take your time when setting down your pen. I have no solution for the wobble as I suck more than you at confident lines. As for your ghosted lines and planes, You seem to unconsciously focus on accuracy over smooth lines and redoing lines, each line should be carefully considered and there are consequences for putting down said lines. I guess those are habits we both have to break.

Your table of ellipses looks pretty good. Deformations here and there but you are doing a good job drawing through all of your ellipses and you seem to be focused on getting consistent smooth ellipse shape. But, you still occasionally mess up the angle (the angle of the major axis is inconsistent), positioning (space between ellipses or the border) and size on some ellipses. Your ellipses in planes for the most part this looks pretty good you just have to get a little more consistent than you currently are. Your ellipses in funnels also came out pretty well, all properly aligned, touching with minimal overlapping. But the minor axis should cut them in half neatly.

The plotted perspective looks good, besides that one box with the line missing (1st page). There is some wobble here and there which could be happening either because you are slowing down your stroke for the sake of accuracy or because you have reverted back to drawing with your wrist for the shorter lines. You did a good job extending the lines back on your boxes to check your work. I've noticed some of your perspective estimations were quite off but that will become more intuitive with practice.

Your rotated box exercises could use some work. Try to draw this nice and big as that helps with thinking through complex spatial problems, you can also try keeping the boxes close to parallel to keep track of where the cube should be in that space. Your organic perspective boxes also need work. You're plotting your points and plotting your lines confidently but you seem to loose track of where the VPs are. Remember the "Y" method, each lines goes towards the VP.

Overall you did a really good job! I feel that you focus a little too much on accuracy over smoothness in the later parts but by in large the work has been completed and the majority of the instructions have been followed. Remember to use your shoulder so your arm doesn't pivot your pen, this might be the cause of your arching lines. Please take note that I am a beginner like you, take this critique with a grain of salt as it is based on my thoughts, this guideline ( and the critiques of drawabox assistants.