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4:22 PM, Tuesday June 11th 2024

Hi Epaondedrick! I am Feldspar and I will be critiquing your work today. I hope you've been keeping up with your 50% rule and warmups while waiting! Without further ado lets begin!


Starting off with an arrows. They are pretty solid,there are drawn confidently with right compression: it looks bigger as it goes towards the viewer. Also i want to point out that you don't add lineweight to the part that overlaps. Its completely fine as it not necessary in this exercise but as the result where some of your arrows overlap and create folds wrong side starts to dominate.

Organic form

These are also mostly very good: your sausages consists of two balls connected by a tube and ellipses are in center of their axises with their borders. But i notice that although your ellipses are changing degree a bit they stay mostly the same.


Really like how detailed they are. I see that you correctly drawn cast shadows as shapes and not lines and your analysis is also pretty good. Also very smooth transition between light and dark.


Solid dissections nothing to mention here.

Form intersections

This exercise is also done very well,majority of intersections look believable and foreshortening is kept simple, good job.

Organic intersections

Also done really well. Your organic forms are kept simple and solid with cast shadows projecting correctly on surfaces they lying

Next Steps:

Overall this is a very solid submission with little mistakes. Good luck with lesson 3

Add these exercises to your warmup pool and don't forget about your %50 rule.

Have fun!

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1:53 PM, Wednesday June 12th 2024

Thanks for the critique!

3:36 PM, Wednesday June 12th 2024

You are welcome! I really glad you like it as it's my first lesson 2 critique. Good luck with the next one!

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