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10:15 AM, Friday May 1st 2020

Lines are p confident in general, good job!

There is an issue though, and it's that you aren't drawing starting and ending dots before drawing every line. On the ghosted planes for example, there are some lines where you didn't place them. Be careful with that, as it's pretty important to apply the ghosting method.

Ellipses are p confident too, so good job!

Boxes look good in general, though the quality of your lines decreases a bit. Remember to always prioritize confidence over accuracy, even if the line you are drawing is part of a box, approach it just as you approached them in the ghosted lines exercise, don't rush it.

Don't repet lines as well, no matter how wrong they were, keep going as if they were correct.

On rotated boxes, some of your boxes weren't actually rotating, careful with that, this mistake is explained here.

On organic perspective I recommend trying more overlaps. You can clarify after the overlaps by adding a confident, drawn with the shoulder superimposed line on the part of the silhouette of the boxes that overlap. Perspective on them has issues but you'll work on it on the box challenge, so don't worry about it!

Next Steps:

P good job overall, be sure you take your time with lines, prioritize confidence, and don't repeat lines .Good luck in the box challenge and keep up the good work!

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1:34 PM, Friday May 1st 2020

Wow, thank you so much!!! You have a good point, I'll be more careful :)

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