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12:35 PM, Tuesday December 8th 2020

Hey! I agree with SCOOBYCLUB and MMANSALAD, but I would like to add something:

You say that you struggle with matching the second curve with the original one. I would recommend that you take your time to ghost it, this seems to be the way to achieve accuracy. It could be more difficult than drawing a straight line from point A to point B (at least it is to me), but the same principle applies here. Also, don't forget to draw the second curve in segments (which I think you already do, since your arrows look controlled and accurate).

As for the initial curve: I actually don't see how it is weird. It looks perfectly fine to me. The only thing is that I see a little bit of wobbling in some of the lines, try to eliminate that and draw confidently, as SCOOBYCLUB already pointed out.

As for perspective:

Try to consciously reduce the space between the initial curve and the segments of the second line that you add up to create an arrow, as you go deeper into the page, if that makes sense. It may not come out perfectly after the first attempt, but aim for it. I think you actually managed to achieve the 3D-effect with your arrows on page 2, with each segment getting gradually smaller/thinner. My only critique would be that in some of them you could increase the space between the lines in the first segment, the one that is the closest to the viewer. Try to experiment too, so that you don't stick to only one type of arrows.

Other than that, I think you're on the right track. I hope this helps a little. Keep up the good work!

12:33 AM, Thursday December 10th 2020

Hey thanks for the reply! ill be trying to take some of this tips into consideration :D hopefully it'll help!

12:38 AM, Thursday December 10th 2020

oh one thing sorry i forgot to ask, when ghosting how are you suppose to do that and also, make the second line in segments? (im actually not drawing it in segments just one continious line for the most part so)

9:39 PM, Friday December 11th 2020

On ghosting a curve, you do it the same way as ghosting a straight line, applying the same ghosting method from Lesson 1, but to draw a curve. It's trickier than drawing a straight line, but from what I can tell practice does wonders.

On drawing a line in segments, it's actually a tip Uncomfortable gives here. Apparently, it's not a set in stone requirement, but it helps me greatly with my arrows.

No problem! I hope it helps too. I wish you best of luck!

12:00 AM, Sunday December 13th 2020

alright will do! thanks for the help!!

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