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4:42 AM, Thursday December 3rd 2020

hey thanks for the help! yeah i have a huge trouble with trying to replicate an identical curve underneath, i try to go quick so its a smooth line but i cant draw the line super slow or ill wobble if that makes sense? im not sure how to get a smooth line and also make sure its alligned correctly at the same time?

2:22 PM, Thursday December 3rd 2020

Try to draw confidently rather than quick or slow and always keep your eyes on the line your are following not your hand. You will always be aware of where your hand is peripherally.

8:19 PM, Thursday December 3rd 2020

okay i see, so its just a matter of practicing a lot? i wasnt sure if it was my hand-eye cordination going out of sync or something im not sure so i was kinda feeling pretty hopeless after a few days of practice lol....

would it be feasible to go slow at first to align my curves and work my way up to more confidently and quick lines?

11:43 AM, Friday December 4th 2020

The answer is always practice. Slowing it down is fine. For one exercise I did some examples on paper and then made copies. I then practiced the same thing over and over.

Ultimately though it's whatever gets you to the point of confidence in the exercise.

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2:39 AM, Saturday December 5th 2020

Sorry! Late reply. Personally I find it is a matter of practicing. Also it helps if you can visualize where you draw your line as you're making the arrow. Maybe try ghosting a few times before making your next line.

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