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2:51 PM, Tuesday April 19th 2022

Hey, thanks for the feedback, yeah I always have that problem for the boxes that converge too fast or diverge, its either I underestimate the angle or overestimate it, maybe i just need more practice. For the correcting lines, yeah i always have that urge to correct wrong lines because if i dont correct it then it will not converge or converge too fast.

For the reminders, yes i will incorporate constructing box to my warmup and yeah I never stress over DAB that much because I do 3d as a main focus, I do this as a side project, i think this took me probably couple months to finished it, but yeah thanks for the feedback

3:29 PM, Tuesday April 19th 2022

I'm glad it helped you :)

don't worry about "wrong"convergences, take your time plotting your corner dots and if they converge wrongly just move onto the next box. Accuracy comes with time and practice

Take as much time as you need with the course, especially if it isn't your main focus

2:45 PM, Friday April 22nd 2022

Yes I will, thanks

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